The puget sound chapter was founded in December 2015 by Freeze.  It's called the puget sound chapter but it covers most of King and Pierce county with members in many different areas. 

margo - chapter president - she has been riding for 3 years and is the chapter comedian and fun committee.

TAZER - chapter road captain - NEW  SISTER TO NWIM

freeze - she has been riding for 5 years and enjoys hockey.

elsa - she has been riding for 6 years. she is the designer of the bunch and sews all sorts of things. she loves learning from experienced motorcyclists as well as helping those who are starting out on their own motorcycle journey.

ligia - she has been riding for 16 years. she loves traveling by motorcycle, loves cooking, exploring new foods, restaurants and wine.

We are looking for lady riders to join our chapter as we  grow OUR club on the west side of the state.  We will be riding around the seattle/tacoma area for charity events and may just be popping into THE Harley/Honda/Indian dealerships together to meet new lady riders. 

So come on out, have some fun and get to meet some FELLOW lady riders!

                                                                 Contact information: margo our president(email:

         ​freeze                                         tazer                                                    margo                                                         elsa                                                      ligia                             

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