• When was Northwest Iron Maidens Founded?
    • We were founded in May 2012
  • Are you affiliated with any other Motorcycle clubs? Are you an Motorcycle club? Or are you a Riding Club?
    • The Northwest Iron Maidens are not affiliated nor are we a support club to any other Motorcycle Club.
    • We are a Riding Club (RC)
  • Do you allow drugs?
    • No, we do not support the usage of illegal drugs.
  • Do the Northwest Iron Maidens have support clubs?
    • No we have no support clubs of any kind.
  • Can men join the Northwest Iron Maidens?
    • No we are a women's only club.
  • How many chapters do you have?
    • We have two chapters: Columbia Basin (Valkyries) and Seattle (Sirens)​
  • Who can join the Northwest Iron Maidens?
    • If you are female, 21 years of age, have a motorcycle and a strong desire for sisterhood and riding you can join.
  • Do I have to prospect for the Northwest Iron Maidens?
    • No we do not require a formal prospect period.
  • How do I find out more information?
    • Use the contact page or contact chapters directly.

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